Kaley Cuoco made a viral birthday dance video with her friend Emma Madeline Ross.

@emmamadelineross Happy birthday, my darling!!! Wow, what adventures we’ve had. I honestly couldn’t do anything without you. Who else in Iceland can get me the exact toast I want? Or the ideal mushroom-free meal in Rome? Or perhaps unusual high-platform sneakers in Berlin? I adore you and recognise that my life would be chaotic without you. I should have had you write this post for me. Send yourself flowers for your birthday. You’re very welcome—my undivided attention.


Kaley Cuoco and Emma Ross are frequently photographed together because of their close friendship.

She gives off the impression of being very kind.

A supporter has written that they are “happy to see that you are in a better state of mind.” “Maybe we can talk one day if you have the time.” God bless my friend Kaley Cuoco.


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